The Making Do Film Club-second week

For our second week, I am adding the first episode in another series called The Wartime Farm. I watched both series this summer and gleaned so much goodness from both (and can’t remember what I gleaned from where : ) that it seems a good idea to watch both. As someone mentioned, the Wartime Kitchen and Garden episodes are too short, so this will round out our studies. I warn you tho’, the second series isn’t as gentle as the first. There is the somewhat dramatic music and sometime contrivance that is so common with reality tv shows, but it is still very, very good.

Wartime Kitchen & Garden-episode two

The Wartime Farm-episode one

Looking forward to your thoughts!

P.S. Last night, I started reading We are the Weather by Jonathan Safran Foer. It is very interesting and he is making connections in a way that I haven’t seen elsewhere, but that echo my own. He alluded to WWII for a long section, which makes me think he is going to be finding useful learning from it, as we are. I’ll keep you posted about it, but it is worth getting from your library, if you can.

P.P.S. Please do spread the word! You are welcome to use any of the film club photos, as well as our logo found here. So grateful for the sharing that has already been happening, in sidebars of blogs and mentions on Instagram and in newsletters.


The Making Do Film Club begins…

Our film club begins! For our first “film” we will be watching the first episode of The Wartime Kitchen & Garden. Each week, we will watch and have a conversation about an episode (and all it brings up, of course.) In future, I will post these notices on Sunday and the conversation will happen in the comments. Please don’t wait for me if you have a response to the episode! The conversation will begin with the first comment and the rest of the week will give us the opportunity to join in.

As I shared in one of the first posts, these videos have influenced me more than anything else in making the connections between our everydays and all that is out of rhythm in the world. Much of what we hear about in the “greener living” realm are…alternatives to plastic versions of something…or reducing packaging…and sometimes (often?) are still focused on buying stuff, just less problematic stuff. That is important.

Making Do is about wanting and needing less and that is what these videos are so good at showing us. In the videos, it is the war and all of the changes and limitations it brought that spurred their Making Do. It was law then, and overseen by larger powers. Our Making Do is not regulated, not required, overseen only by our own concern, our own hearts. But by choosing to make do, in company, our changes and limitations can bring about the positive outcomes they experienced during the war…which it is time to learn more about!

Let the watching and commenting begin…